November 2013 - February 2017

Phoenix, Arizona

Worked with a team of DataCenter Systems Engineers and Administrators responsible for designing and maintaining Enterprise DataCenter and Cloud Systems for a large global organization. Primary responsibilities included architecting, planning, provisioning, and maintaining hundreds of Linux systems consisting of database servers, application servers, and multiple high performance compute clusters. Other responsibilities included maintaining complex VMware environments and associated storage and networking environments, and managing parts of a larger Windows/Active Directory environment with the global Systems Administration team. Also led projects as relevant needs arose, including requirements gather, forming timelines, working with external vendors, and deploying global systems.

Major Accomplishments:
  • Architected and built the first Amazon Web Services cloud deployments focusing on Infrastructure-as-a-Service, automation, and scalability.
  • Planned, automated, and executed the migration of hundreds of NAS shares from an Hitachi HNAS to an EMC VNX.
  • Assisted in implementation of a second 250kw UPS + Generator to provide a redundant (active/active) power path to DataCenter equipment.
  • Championed the implementation of SolarWinds Orion on multiple continents to monitor, analyze, and alert on server and network health worldwide.
  • Implemented Puppet Configuration Management to fully manage 200+ previously independent Linux systems.
  • Built extensive dashboard tools for public display and quick identification of systemic issues across VMware, EMC, NetApp, SolarWinds, Dell, and APC.
  • Lifecycled High-Performance Compute Cluster including hardware, job scheduler, queuing system, analysis software, filesystems, and license servers.
  • Heavily involved in maintaining and bringing several aspects of infrastructure into a qualified state to support business compliance with FDA regulations.
  • Upgraded multi-vCenter VMware environment from ESX 5.1 to 5.5 with zero guest downtime (new vCenter architecture meant rebuilding from scratch).
Physical Infrastructure