October 2016 - Present

Phoenix, Arizona

Primary subject matter expert and escalation point for all things related to AWS, Azure, cloud security, cloud networking, cloud development, and cost optimization for a large global manufacturing organization.

Currently responsible for the architecting, engineering, planning, and implementation of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Primary duties involve working closely with IT Architects and IT Leadership regarding strategy and timelines for the implementation of cloud services and supporting/mentoring developers utilizing AWS techologies. Technical duties consist of working hands-on as part of a small team to implement cloud technologies including autoscaling, continuous integration/delivery, configuration management, and cross-cloud deployments all using DevOps practices.

Founding member of a Cloud Enablement Services group aimed at assisting and easing the utilization of cloud resources by traditional infrastructure and development teams. Frequently meet with project implementation teams to evaluate cloud-readiness of new applications and general consulting around cloud technologies and capabilities. Additional responsibilities include writing and maintaining Software Quality Assurance documentation including System Design Specifications, Requirements Specifications, Test Procedures, and Build Procedures to document and test important capabilities of our cloud environments and deployments.

Major accomplishments (recent first):

  • Architected, planned, and migrated to a cutting-edge cloud networking strategy encompassing many AWS VPCs across regions and accounts brought together with AWS Transit Gateway, Direct Connect, VPN, and Palo Alto VM-series firewalls. Entire deployment is orchestrated with AWS CloudFormation (VPCs), HashiCorp Terraform (TGW/DX/VPN), and Palo Alto Panorama (firewalls).
  • Worked as part of a team to design, develop, and deploy a custom IoT platform using AWS IoT Core, IoT Greengrass, API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, ElasticSearch, S3, and Cognito. Includes a web interface for provisioning and managing IoT devices and their metadata, as well as access to ElasticSearch’s Kibana interface for viewing IoT data.
  • Developed multiple Jenkins pipelines to automate process and speed up developer/admin productivity. Built and contributed to pipelines for deploying AMIs, CloudFormation/SAM Templates, Ansible Playbooks, Terraform, and RightScale CATs.
  • Integral in design and implementation of a cross-cloud deployment process across AWS, Azure, and on-premise VMware. Involved the deployment of a Cloud Management Platform, Ansible Tower, Ansible Playbooks, and Red Hat Satellite.
  • Implemented AWS DirectConnect and Azure ExpressRoute to enhance the connectivity between our AWS VPCs, Azure vNets, and our on-premise network.
  • Worked as part of a small team to architect and build our first Microsoft Azure deployment including Subscriptions, VNETs, ARM Templates, and PowerShell deployment scripts.
  • Designed and implemented a robust provisioning system using ServiceNow, AWS CloudFormation, AWS Lambda, and Puppet to build Linux and Windows workloads upon request.
  • Engineered a cloud-oriented Puppet Configuration Management implementation using r10k with continuous delivery for flexible management of EC2 instances.
  • Worked as part of a small team to architect a mutli-account mutli-VPC AWS structure for highly flexible permission and network requirements.
  • Evaluated and implemented multiple SaaS vendors including Datadog for system monitoring and CloudHealth for cloud governance/reporting.
  • Architected and built first experimental AWS deployments primarily consisting of legacy PHP and Java web applications.
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