Visual Subnet Calc

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Visual Subnet Calc is a tool for quickly designing networks and collaborating on that design with others. It focuses on expediting the work of network administrators, not academic subnetting math. It allows you to put in a subnet range and visually split/join subnets within that range, such as for a physical building network, cloud network, data center, etc. While it’s not a learning tool, if you’ve never quite understood subnetting I think this will help you visually understand how it works.

I created this as a more feature-rich and modern version of a tool I found years ago and absolutely love by davidc. I just always used screenshot tools to add notes and colors and wanted a better way.

There is no database or back-end; it’s all in the browser and generates links/exports for users to share.

Here are the open-source project tenets:

  • Simplicity is king. Network admins are busy and Visual Subnet Calculator should always be easy for FIRST TIME USERS to quickly and intuitively use.
  • Subnetting is design work. Promote features that enhance visual clarity and easy mental processing of even the most complex architectures.
  • Users control the data. We store nothing, but provide convenient ways for users to save and share their designs.
  • Embrace community contributions. Consider and respond to all feedback and pull requests in the context of these tenets.
Caesar Kabalan
Caesar Kabalan
Solutions Architect

Caesar Kabalan is a Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS). He brings together his development and enterprise infrastructure experience to invent solutions to solve customer challenges. He also restores, tweaks, and reprograms 1970s-era pinball machines as a hobby.