Enhance the Citizen Experience With Deep Learning-Powered Suggestions


Every interaction a citizen has with government is an opportunity to enhance the customer experience with rich citizen engagement and direct lines of feedback. Recent federal priorities have been set to improve the citizen experience when interacting with government. Deep learning image analysis and high-performant yet cost-effective architectures on Amazon Web Services (AWS) can modernize constituent experiences and improve digital interactions with government.

For example, citizens want to report issues to their local governments in a fast and simple manner and not have to worry about identifying the right government agency or phone number—for instance, if a fire hydrant is broken, or a road sign has fallen over. Cloud technologies can help government agencies develop a seamless solution, accessible via smartphones, through which citizens can take a picture of an issue like damaged public property on a mobile website and then route the appropriate identifying information and location data to the right government officials that can solve the issue.

In this blog post, learn how to set up a solution with AWS deep learning services that creates a fluid experience for reporting and addressing these issues.

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